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Travel In Echmiadzin : Armenia’s Fourth-Largest City

Travel In Echmiadzin : Armenia’s Fourth-Largest City

Alex And Marie Manoogian Treasury House – Museum

Overview: The Alex and Marie Manoogian Treasury House is a museum located in Echmiadzin, Armenia that showcases the treasures and artifacts of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Opened in 1982, the museum houses a remarkable collection of religious objects,..Read More

Cathedral Of Echmiadzin

Overview: The Cathedral of Echmiadzin, also known as the Mother Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin, is the spiritual and administrative headquarters of the Armenian Apostolic Church. This iconic cathedral, founded in the early 4th century,..Read More

Saint Gayane Church

Overview: The Saint Gayane Church is a 7th-century Armenian Apostolic church located in Echmiadzin, Armenia. Dedicated to Saint Gayane, one of the Christian virgins martyred alongside Saint Hripsime, the church is renowned for its unique architectural style and its role in the history…Read More

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